Dynamic Logos

  1. How do we design something that identifies a certain object, person or group?
  2. Can we use code to create dynamic identities

It’s hard to show specific techniques for how to do dynamic logos - so I took a bunch of them and recreated in Processing.

Important: It starts with an idea. Then an implementation. Like John Cage said: “Do not try to create and analyze at the same time. They are different processes”.

A symbol that says everything about an entity in the simplest possible way.

Dynamic Logo Examples

Karl Gerstner

The difficult thing when creating generative logos is setting up constraints to make the logo look good - but different - on every run. This can be hard.

Lava Sans Avec



Here’s a dynamic identity for ITI, which is basically just multiple variations of an unfolded box (hello Sol Lewitt!).

City of Melbourne

Identity for the city of Melbourne. All variations are built around the points of the 3D structure. Constraints and variation!

Function Engineering

Here’s even, more projects.

Security Forum

This logo is extremely easy to recreate with sin() and cos().

Each person at MIT can get his own logo. 40,000 permutations.

Casa de Musica

Based on the building.

Seed Media Group

Here’s a dynamic identity Stefan Sagmeister made for the Seed Media Group, based on the phyllotaxis algorithm.